Outline Vegas 4


4″ Outdoor Compact Speaker

  • 16 / 12.7 Ohms
  • Max SPL: 118 dB
  • Italian-made 4″ cone transducer for rich, natural sound
  • IP55-rated enclosure for indoor and outdoor use
  • Designed for professional power amplifiers, robust yet lightweight
  • Ideal for various applications: theater, retail, business, mobile systems
  • *Priced per speaker


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Every so often, a product emerges that checks all the right boxes, with broad applications appealing to audio professionals across various fields. It not only simplifies the work of sound system designers but also stands out for its meticulously crafted design, courtesy of engineers who grasp its applications perfectly. This product swiftly ascends to become an industry standard.

The most recent embodiment of these qualities is the Outline Vegas 4 – a compact powerhouse packed with utility.

Conceived by Outline’s engineering team to tackle the challenge of delivering high-quality, natural audio in the smallest form factor possible, Vegas 4 sets new standards for what a palm-sized loudspeaker can achieve. Despite its petite dimensions, this speaker delivers rich, intelligible sound, whether from recordings or live sources and boasts enough power to cover a surprisingly large area.

Crafted with precision and finesse (entirely in Italy), purposefully designed yet adaptable to a myriad of applications, Outline’s latest loudspeaker exemplifies the ambition, innovation, and engineering excellence that have cemented their position as global leaders in the field.

Key attributes, mechanical traits, and performance benchmarks of Vegas 4 include:

Compact Yet Powerful:
Featuring a newly developed 4” cone transducer engineered exclusively for Outline Vegas 4, this Italian-made unit marries remarkable efficiency with top-tier audio engineering, compressed into a fraction of the usual size.

Advantages of Single-Driver Design:
By eschewing a crossover, single-driver configurations sidestep phase anomalies, resulting in the most natural and unadulterated sound. Outline’s engineers enhance this advantage with a novel membrane design that significantly enhances off-axis performance, a critical feature for ultra-compact, multi-application loudspeaker systems.

Tailored for Professional Amplification:
The new 4” transducer is primed for professional power amplifiers, delivering astonishing output and reliability despite its diminutive stature. Encased within a housing measuring just 12cm x 12cm x 12.6cm and weighing a mere 1.6kg, Outline’s top-notch audio engineering yields a robust, integrated design that punches above its weight in terms of audio performance and longevity.

Versatile Connectivity Options:
A cleverly designed connection panel renders Vegas 4 equally adept in fixed and mobile setups. The rear panel boasts both four-pole Speakon connectors and a screw-terminal Euroblock. Moreover, the Speakons’ internal poles can be externally switched, facilitating the wiring of multiple loudspeakers on a single 4-conductor cable while matching the impedance load on amplifier channels without rewiring.

Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use:
Crafted from HCDF (Hydrophobic Compact Density Fibre), Vegas 4’s enclosure is fully sealed to meet IP55 protection standards, with an optional weatherproof plate (WPCON-04). This makes it ideal for temporary or permanent installations in environments subject to extreme heat, cold, and humidity.

Distinctive Outline Design:
A visually striking feature of  Outline Vegas 4 is its pair of O-rings at the front and rear. Beyond aesthetics, these components aid in vibration damping, stabilizing, and protecting the enclosure from uneven surfaces.

Effortless Mounting and Placement:
Each Vegas 4 comes with a versatile mounting bracket, tailored specifically for the product. M6 bolts secure the bracket to threaded inserts in the loudspeaker, enabling secure mounting on microphone stands or virtually any surface, thanks to the bracket’s adjustable range and shape.

Processing and Power:
Outline’s groundbreaking L3000 power amplifier pairs seamlessly with Vegas 4, offering a rugged and highly portable solution with its flexible power and onboard DSP, all packaged within a surprisingly compact unit. Alternatively, any of Outline’s amplifiers can serve just as effectively, with the iP24 processor serving as the ideal external processing companion.

The versatility of Vegas 4 extends beyond imagination. Its mechanical design and performance make it equally at home in fixed and mobile settings.

  • In theaters, it excels as under-balcony fills, for surround/special FX, or as delays.
  • In retail and leisure settings, it seamlessly blends into the decor while delivering beautiful background music.
  • For business, commercial, and industrial uses, Vegas 4 proves discreet yet effective in AV suites, boardrooms, and presentation facilities.
  • Paired with Outline’s SUB 110, Vegas 4 transforms into an ideal home cinema solution, fitting snugly on bookshelves or placed strategically for optimal acoustics in smaller rooms.
  • In mobile systems, Vegas 4 serves as near-field fills, personal monitors, or even as a super-compact main system. For instance, a discreet speech reinforcement system for a small audience could comprise multiple Vegas 4s powered and processed by a single Outline L3000 amplifier.
  • In essence, any scenario demanding top-notch sound within limited transport or deployment space is tailor-made for Vegas 4. Moreover, it offers this versatility and utility at an exceptionally competitive price point.

Colour Options

Black, White

Maximum SPL

118 dB

Watts (Peak)

280 W


16 ohms


1x 4″ High Power & Dispersion Fullrange Driver

Suitable For Outdoors


Dimensions (W x H x D)

120 x 120 x 126 mm


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