Terms and Conditions

Delivery, Drop off to Ground Floor

Should you wish not to avail of our installation services, we offer Delivery, Drop off to ground floor anywhere in Malta & Gozo. Delivery charges are included in your final amount on checkout. The order must be checked at the moment of delivery so that any breakages or dents are notified to the delivery person. Non inspection of the product at delivery automatically forfeits your rights to claim for delivery damages.

Installation Terms & Conditions

Our installers are highly trained staff from ASTRAL. As opposed to our competitors, we do NOT subcontract installation services to make sure we maintain the quality of service you expect from ASTRAL.

While delivery can be done within 48 hours (working days), we cannot guarantee installation on base or on wall within the same time frame. We will be contacting you ASAP to give you an appointment for installation.

Should you wish to have an appointment before check out, please feel free to email us on info@astral.com.mt specifying your name, contact telephone number, the item and service you wish to purchase and installation address. We will advise the soonest installation date.

Further Installation Terms & Conditions - the fine print ūüôā

Delivery Drop off Free of Charge¬† ‚Äď Drop off only to ground floor. If TV is to be delivered to a different floor then TV must be able to fit in a Lift or a Lifter must be provided and be ready setup on site prior to our arrival.

Installation on base ‚Äď The Installation on base consists of connecting TV to the TV stand and connecting client`s ready setup sources to the TV. Cables are not included.

Installation on wall ‚Äď The installation on wall consists of drilling and mounting the TV onto the wall. Connecting client`s ready setup sources to the TV . Cables and Wall Brackets not included.

Warranty Terms & Conditions

We wish to inform you that your set is guaranteed for 2  years from date of purchase. This Guarantee is offered as an extra benefit and does not affect your legal rights.

Under this guarantee your set is covered for electrical, electronic  and  mechanical  faults.  Astral Enterprises Ltd., undertakes to exchange  or repair free  of charge  including labour to  the purchaser, any part of the set found to be defective within the stated period provided that  the set has been used under normal circumstances and by the original purchaser only. This guarantee does not, in any way, cover damage or faulty operation  resulting  from  misuse and/or mishandling of the set or due to unsuitable electricity supply.

The set should be serviced and repaired by Astral Enterprises Ltd., only. Should any other person, not authorized by this company, repair or in any way tamper with the set,  this  guarantee becomes null and void. The company reserves the right not to service, repair or maintain the set at any time during or after the guarantee period if this set has been tampered with in any way by a person or technician not authorized by the company.

The duration of this warranty shall not be extended except for that period equal to the time during which the seller had products or parts thereof in his possession in order to perform or execute this warranty or as a result of the recall of the product or part thereof by the manufacturer. This guarantee is valid for the original purchaser only.

Parts replaced outside  the warranty period are not covered unless these are  proved defective   at the time of replacement and/or repair.

Unnecessary calls, service calls, are not covered under these warranty conditions and are chargeable at the minimum hourly call charge prevailing at the time and at  the same rate of  any additional hour and part hour inclusive of TAX, made payable to the technician upon completion of the works.

Liability is strictly limited to repair or exchange of the product or defective parts or ¬†to any other remedies available to the consumer under the Consumer Affairs Act, Cap. 378 of the Laws of Malta as amended from time to time (the¬†‚ÄúAct‚ÄĚ).

This document must be readily available and produced on demand by (name of seller) or its authorized representative. Failure to produce this document and the  relative  fiscal  receipt,  will automatically disqualify claimant from warranty. It is advisable that prior to making a claim, operating instructions and troubleshooting are carefully read.

Should any defect arise and a claim under guarantee become necessary, the set should be returned to the dealer from where it was originally purchased.