Outline Charlie 4


4″ Miniature Speaker

  • 16 / 12.7 Ohms
  • Max SPL: 118 dB
  • Italian-made 4″ cone transducer for rich, natural sound
  • Designed for professional power amplifiers, robust yet lightweight
  • Ideal for various applications: theater, retail, business, mobile systems
  • *Priced per speaker


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Developed by Outline’s engineering team to address the challenge of delivering high-quality, natural sound in the smallest form factor possible, Outline Charlie 4 revolutionizes the expectations for palm-sized loudspeakers. Despite its compact dimensions, this speaker delivers rich, clear audio, whether from recorded sources or live performances, with enough power to cover a remarkably wide area.

Outline Charlie 4 boasts several key design features, mechanical attributes, and performance specifications:

Compact Yet Powerful:
Featuring a newly developed 4-inch cone transducer crafted specifically for this product, Charlie 4 incorporates top-notch Italian engineering to ensure superior efficiency and performance comparable to larger transducers, all within a fraction of their size.

Single-Driver Superiority:
Benefiting from a single-driver design, Charlie 4 eliminates phase anomalies associated with crossovers, resulting in the most authentic, unaltered sound reproduction. Outline’s engineers further enhance this advantage with a novel membrane design that significantly improves off-axis performance, crucial for compact loudspeaker systems with diverse applications.

Optimized for Professional Amplification:
The 4-inch transducer is engineered to be powered by professional-grade amplifiers, delivering remarkable output and reliability despite its diminutive size. Housed within a compact enclosure measuring just 12cm x 12cm x 12.6cm and weighing a mere 1.55 Kg, Outline’s expertise in audio engineering ensures a robust, integrated design that exceeds expectations in both performance and longevity.

Distinctive Outline Design:
A standout feature of Charlie 4 is its distinctive pair of O-rings positioned at the front and rear of the unit. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these components aid in vibration damping and provide stability and protection for the enclosure, particularly on uneven surfaces.

Effortless Installation and Versatile Placement:
Each Charlie 4 includes a versatile mounting bracket tailored specifically for this product. With a pair of M6 bolts securing the bracket to the loudspeaker via threaded inserts, and a flexible adjustment range and shape, Charlie 4 can be securely mounted on virtually any surface.

Advanced Processing and Amplification:
Outline Charlie 4 pairs seamlessly with Outline’s groundbreaking Outline L3000 power amplifier, boasting flexibility, power, and onboard DSP capabilities within a surprisingly compact form factor. Alternatively, any of Outline’s amplifiers are compatible, with the iP24 processor serving as an ideal external processing companion.


Colour Options

Black, White

Maximum SPL

118 dB

Watts (Peak)

280 W


16 ohms


1x 4″ High Power & Dispersion Fullrange Driver

Suitable For Outdoors


Dimensions (W x H x D)

120 x 120 x 126 mm


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