TITAN OS now on Philips TVs

PHILIPS introduces 2024 TVs running on TITAN OS


Philips 2024 TVs are now hitting our shores ! This new range of TVs sees the launch of Titan OS. Titan is a European company of which TPVISION is the main shareholder. TPVISION is the company behind PHILIPS TV and Sound.

This proprietary operating system, Titan, is a huge leap forward from the previous OS used by PHILIPS, namely SAPHI. Titan brings all the content we want to our TVs through a simple, intuitive and fast interface.

Fast and intuitive interface.

Titan OS is reliable, stable and fast. Navigating through the main dashboard or through the Menu, is very fast and responsive.

The interface is customisable allowing the user to chose which apps should be seen on the first row. Suggestions from subscribed services are clearly shown in the following rows.

Video On Demand

All the usual apps expected from a new platform are included in the Titan APP Store. These include the most important Apps for Malta;

  • AMAZON Prime
  • IPTV
  • .. and many more to come.


Moreover, Titan includes CHROMECAST and Screen Mirroring. These are very different forms of Casting. Chromecast is used to share videos or music from services such as GO / Melita / EPIC TV.

Screen Mirroring is a very convenient feature, especially for offices, small meeting rooms etc.. when you want to share or extend your screen to the larger TV. This feature is readily supported by Windows P.C.s .. very easy to use and reliable.

ALEXA – GOOGLE Assistant

Philips appreciates that customers are increasingly investing in Smart Home solutions and automations. Titan TVs embrace control from ALEXA or Google Assistant. Depending on the model, Alexa is either built in or the TV supports controls from ALEXA enabled devices.



To further underline its understanding of the customer install market, TITAN is committed to be certified by MATTER and to develop drivers for CONTROL4. Matter is an open source connectivity standard for smart home and IOT devices… A standard that allows certified products to communicate with each other regardless of the brand.

Control4 is the industry standard in Smart Home solutions, allowing you to control various supported devices seamlessly from one APP.

Titan is being upgraded regularly with new Apps and features effectively upgrading your PHILIPS TV to new levels of functionality.

Some reviews have just been published by Expertreviews.co.uk and Techradar.com.

In essence they underline the ease of use, and particularly the speed of response of Titan OS.

Philips 43PUS7009 Titan OS screen