TVs are getting larger but thinner !

One one side you want the sound to match the great picture and size of your new TV ! On the other hand, you want ;

  • To avoid the clutter of multiple speakers in your living room !
  • No unnecessary speaker cables running across the room
  • To Take advantage of the latest sound formats like DOLBY ATMOS from Netflix.
  • Big Sound to accompany your BIG SCREEN
  • To understand clearly the dialogue when watching a movie
  • A discrete Sound System to play Music through Bluetooth or Chromecast
  • A design that matches your TV or your room’s decor.

Unobtrusive and forming part of the TV system, Soundbars offer amazing sound with a fraction of the components normally associated with Home cinema surround systems. With features like Alexa Built-in, Google Chromecast, Dolby TrueHD, Bluetooth, Dolby Atmos and Wireless subwoofers the choice is endless.

Take a look at our extensive range of soundbars from Philips, Polk, and Denon. There is definitely something to fit your requirements.

Philips shield

Philips is a household name in Malta and across the world. Known for making great products, easy to use, great European Design and exceptional Value for money. There new range of Soundbars meets all of the above expectations with prices ranging from € 89 to  € 449.. you will find the right soundbar to match your TV and your space.


Our favourite from this line-up is the TAB6405. You will not believe your ears when this ultra sleek soundbar (just 32mm in height) delivers room filling, crisp sound. It is available in both Black and Silver to match your TV, can be wall hung and together with its wireless subwoofer delivers 140w of power !


If you just bought a Philips TV with Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision, you should however, look at the PHILIPS TAB8505. This is a true power house at 240 Watts and an endless list of features such as;

  • Apple AIRPLAY 2
  • 4K Passthrough


POLK Audio is an American Speaker Manufacturer that has impressed consumers worldwide for incredible sound quality and outstanding value for money. POLK Audio is part of the Sound United family of products which also includes, DENON, MARANTZ, Definitive Technology and Bowers & Wilkins.

Polk offers a complete range of Soundbars split into three families; Signa, Magnify and finally the POLK REACT.

Polk Signa offers a budget friendly range of soundbars without compromising on sound quality or features. The Signa Solo is a complete soundbar without the need for an external Subwoofer. This is followed by the Signa s2 and the Signa S3.

Polk Magnify Series boasts incredible sound and power from very compact soundbars. Chromecast is built-in for increased connectivity and integration with Google Home. Moreover the Magnify 2 can be further expanded to include a pair of rear speakers for a complete home cinema experience.

Finally the POLK REACT  ! Just launched, the POLK react impresses with great sound, Full ALEXA integration and also offering the possibility to add the POLK REACT SUB and POLK SR2 rear speakers !