12″ High Performance 100W Powered Subwoofer

  • 12″ Dynamically Balanced woofer that delivers deep and accurate bass response
  • 100W Class A/B amplifier that provides clean and efficient power to the woofer
  • low-resonance MDF cabinet that reduces distortion and enhances clarity
  • Removable, precision-fit grille that protects the woofer and allows for easy access


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Polk MXT12 subwoofer MXT series

We Make Loud and Low Seem Effortless

Polk has always been known for speakers that produce, deep, powerful, effortless bass, and the MXT12 is no exception. A big, 12” Dynamically Balanced woofer in a ported cabinet, powered by a clean and ultra-efficient 100W Class A/B amplifier delivers bass as low as 24Hz, adding more punch and impact to your favourite music, movies and video games.

Built to Withstand the Rumble

When you want bass this loud and this low your subwoofer needs more than a great woofer and powerful amplifier to make it seem effortless. Monitor XT12 is housed in a critically braced MDF cabinet with a removable, precision-fit grille to isolate the sound of the woofer while minimizing unwanted resonances and sonic interference.

Add Massive Bass, Seamlessly to Your Home Theater

The MXT12 is perfect for the modern trend of integrating two subwoofers in your home theater. This ensures you have more even bass, while evening out the low frequencies throughout the room. Whether you choose one sub or two, Monitor X12 features a consistently variable crossover, polarity and volume control so you can blend the massive bass it provides, seamlessly with your system.

Polk MXT12 subwoofer MXT series

Consistent Sound Throughout the Series

The Monitor XT Series was designed with quality, timbre-consistent components throughout to enable you to mix and match models to build your dream home theatre or music listening setup. Matched components provide a unified sound field with seamless speaker-to-speaker blending for truly immersive listening experiences.

Modern Styling Nearly Five Decades in the Making

Monitor XT Series is the latest evolution of Polk’s critically acclaimed Monitor speaker line originally introduced in 1974. We’ve continued to refine our craft since then and they feature our latest innovations in affordable, but great sounding drivers and cabinetry. Plus, their modern, stylish design will fit with any home.


Polk MXT12 subwoofer MXT series

Polk-Patented Quality

Designed and engineered by the same team that created Polk Legend and Reserve in our Acoustics Research and Development center outside of Baltimore, MD. Polk uses a patented Dynamic Balance Array process to pinpoint and eliminate electro-acoustic and mechanical issues before they become a part of the finished speaker.



Black (vinyl)

Woofer Size

12 inch


100 Watts


Bass reflex (ported)


RCA phono sockets, Speaker level inputs

Front or down firing

Front Firing

Dimensions (W x H x D) cm

40.7 x 41.8 x 45.6


2 Years


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