Philips Hue Tap dial switch


  • Wireless installation
  • Easy access to light scenes
  • Smooth dimming
  • Use as a remote control
  • Hue Bridge required



Philips hue dial switch choosing different scenes

Set scenes instantly

The Philips Hue Tap dial switch has a smooth, elegant design in both black and white colours. You can use it to set scenes in any room of your home. Each button can control three different Rooms or a Zone and you can select a scene for each one.

Philips hue dial switch rotating dimmer light switch

Turn the dial to adjust the brightness easily

To adjust the lighting levels accurately, rotate the dial gently to make it dimmer or brighter in smaller steps. Rotate it faster to change the brightness of the room quickly.

Philips hue dial switch use it your way handheld on the table

Use it your way

You can stick the Tap dial switch on the wall with its sticky back, put it on any surface that attracts magnets or take it off the wall holder and carry it around your house as a wireless controller.

Requires a Philips Hue bridge

For this product to work, it requires a connection to the Philips Hue bridge


Base Colour

Black, White

Number of configurable buttons:


Battery included

Yes (CR2032)

Dimensions ( W x H x D)mm

60 x 60 x 20


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