Optimal Audio Sub 10


10″ Low-profile sub-bass loudspeaker

  • Max Power: 1000watts
  • Low frequency boost: 50 Hz to 150 Hz
  • Robust Low-Frequency Bass Enhancement
  • Perfect for Areas with Limited Room


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The Optimal Audio Sub 10 is a sleek, passive 10-inch subwoofer engineered for situations that require enhanced impact and low-frequency performance from the smaller Optimal Audio loudspeaker series. Its discreet design makes it an ideal fit for space-constrained areas like under banquet seating.

The subwoofer is equipped with a 10″ driver and a large low-frequency port to minimize air noise. It boasts a peak sound pressure level (SPL) of 127dB, making it a compact yet powerful subwoofer. It can be placed on the floor, mounted on a wall or ceiling, or suspended using built-in M8 inserts.

The driver is shielded by a durable, perforated steel grille, and the base includes rubber feet to prevent movement. The Sub 10 enclosure is made of plywood and finished in black textured paint.

The SmartAmp provides amplification, optimal sound settings, and limiters to safeguard the driver when playing at high volume levels.

When paired with Zone and WebApp, the system setup and user control become straightforward, and can be further enhanced by ZonePad wall controllers.


Colour Options


Woofer Size

10 inch

Power (RMS)

250 watts

Power (Max)

1000 watts


8 ohms

Frequency Response

50 – 150 Hz

Dimensions (WxHxD)

470 x 297 x 353 mm


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