Optimal Audio Cuboid 5TX


5″ Full-Range Loudspeaker, 100V/Low Impedance

  • 8 ohm or 70/100V line operation
  • Compact, powerful performance
  • Mount portrait/landscape with flexibility
  • Max SPL: 105dB continuous, 111dB peak
  • Wide 130° x 120° coverage angle
  • IP54 rated, suitable for outdoors
  • Wall bracket included for installation
  • *Priced per speaker



The Optimal Audio Cuboid 5TX is a compact 5″ loudspeaker that offers high-quality sound reproduction for distributed applications requiring background music and clear speech. It is designed as a full-range, two-way passive speaker, featuring a 5.25″ low-frequency driver and a 0.75″ silk dome high-frequency driver with a shallow waveguide for consistent distribution of high frequencies.

This speaker can be easily mounted in either portrait or landscape orientation using the included hardware, making installation flexible. It also comes with a weatherproof terminal cover option for outdoor use, with an IP54 rating for added durability.

The Optimal Audio Cuboid 5TX can operate on either 70 or 100V taps or at low impedance, selected using a rotary switch on the rear of the cabinet. For improved bass performance, it can be paired with the Sub 10, and amplification can be provided by a SmartAmp or powered Zone, offering optimal sound settings and built-in limiters to protect the drivers at higher sound levels.

Setting up and controlling the system is made simple with the Zone and WebApp, and additional control can be added with ZonePad wall controllers. Overall, the Cuboid 5TX offers exceptional sound quality in a small form factor, suitable for various distributed audio applications.


Colour Options

Black, White

Maximum SPL


Watts (Peak)

200 W


100 V Line, 8 ohms


1x 0.75” Silk Dome, neodymium motor system (HF), 1x 5.25” coated paper, ferrite motor system (LF)

Suitable For Outdoors


Dimensions (W x H x D)

155 x 255 x 150 mm


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