Multibrackets 5477


Black Single Ceiling mount Back to Back 

  • For screen size: 32-55″
  • Max Load: 50 kg, tested up to 65 kg
  • Turn: -30º —+30º

Public Ceiling Single Mount

The Multibrackets 5477 is a highly useful and innovative bracket system designed to support multiple monitors and maximize workspace ergonomics. This versatile bracket allows users to easily adjust the height and angle of their monitors, reducing neck and eye strain, while also freeing up valuable desk space. Constructed from durable materials and featuring a sleek, modern design, the Multibrackets 5477 is the perfect solution for anyone seeking a more comfortable and efficient work environment. With quick and easy installation and an intuitive adjustment system, users can customize their setup and enjoy a more productive and comfortable workday. Whether you’re a professional user or just looking to improve your home office setup, the Multibrackets 5477 is an essential tool for maximizing workspace efficiency and improving overall wellbeing.


For screen size

32" – 55"

Max weight

50 kg


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