Blaze Wall-S1 Black


Networked/ PoE controller for BLAZE PowerZone™

  • Link 8 Wall-S1 to each PowerZone™ Connect
  • Assign Wall-S1 to sound zones via PowerZone™ Control web app
  • PoE for easy network pairing
  • PIN code protection
  • Works with PowerZone™ Connect amplifiers


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Wall-S1 controller

The Wall-S1 represents a wall-mounted networked/PoE controller designed for remote management of Blaze Audio PowerZone™ Connect amplifiers. It empowers end-users to control input sources and volume, alongside a plethora of advanced features and settings customizable by system installers to tailor to specific location requirements. Setting up, configuring, and personalizing any installed system and sound zone is straightforward with the Wall-S1. Installers can effortlessly pair up to 8 Wall-S1 controllers per PowerZone™ Connect amplifier, assigning them to any configured audio zones. Advanced features like real-time syncing within zones, PIN code protection for system security and access, and customizable color screens offer personalized options ensuring optimal integration with each location.


Maximum Cable length

100 m

Power Supply.

Power to the RJ45 ethernet port on the rear of device using a category 5e cable (or faster STP) with the use of a standard PoE switch, or PoE injector

Dimensions (W x H)

86.79 x 86.79 mm


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