Biamp MAX Connect


Cable-free collaboration

  • Share up to six content pieces easily
  • Participants can view, select, and annotate content
  • Wirelessly connect, control USB/HDMI for UC calls
  • In UC call, switch camera view options
  • Including Bluetooth handheld remote control


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Biamp MAX Connect is a simple yet powerful collaboration solution that turns any space into a BYOM room. Participants can use their own devices to share content, control AV equipment, and initiate UC meetings with apps like Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Up to six pieces of content can be shared simultaneously, and users can annotate shared content and the virtual whiteboard. They can wirelessly control room peripherals and switch camera views during UC calls. Biamp AV peripherals can be optimized using Biamp Launch. Monitoring and configuring are easy with web-based software, and there’s no need for subscriptions.

  • The MAX app allows sharing up to six pieces of content at once through various methods like native casting protocols (AirPlay, Googlecast, Miracast*), browsers, or HDMI cable, involving up to five presenters and the built-in whiteboard.
  • Built-in tools allow users to annotate shared content and the virtual whiteboard
  • Content is redistributed to participants’ devices, allowing them to choose, see, and add notes on their own screens.
  • Participants can wirelessly operate USB and HDMI room peripherals to make UC calls from their own device using their preferred platform.
  • The host of a UC call can share all content shown on the room display with remote participants.
  • In a UC call, participants can switch from room camera to device camera to show objects, whiteboard, or themselves.
  • Collaboration sessions, like UC calls, can be controlled using the handheld remote, the optional Touch 8 MAX panel, or a touch-enabled room display.
  • Biamp Launch enables control and optimization of connected Biamp AV devices like Parlé VBC/ABC 2500 and 2500a conferencing bars, Vidi 250 camera, and TesiraFORTÉ or Devio signal processors via MAX Connect interfaces.
  • Biamp MAX Connect and Biamp peripherals can be monitored, updated, and configured using web-based or Sage Vue software.
  • The convenience of PoE+
  • No subscriptions are required


1 x Gigabit ethernet with PoE 30W, 1 x HDMI in 2.0, 1 x HDMI out 2.0, 1 x USB 3.0 Type-C, 2 x USB 3.0 Type-A


D: 127.3mm, H: 25.33mm, W: 127.3mm


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