Biamp ENT206


Powerful Sound, Sleek Design Column Array Loudspeaker

  • Recommended amplifier 150 – 300W
  • Zoom Certified
  • Advanced crossover, dynamic protection
  • Compact Ribbon Emulator for control
  • All-weather, indoor/outdoor use
  • Easy installation with pan-tilt bracket
  • The smallest member of the ENTASYS 200 family
  • Selectable low impedance or 70V/100V operation



The ENT206 stands as a weather-resistant, column array speaker housed in a sturdy extruded PVC casing that’s both functional and visually appealing. Towering over its counterpart, the ENT203, this model offers superior directional control at lower frequencies and boasts ample power to cover larger spaces discreetly. Ideal for various settings including houses of worship, hotel lobbies, assembly halls, transit stations, pools, smoking areas, bowling alleys, and more, the ENT206 impresses with its performance despite its compact size. Similar to the ENT203, it can also complement larger systems for delay and area fill. Featuring six high-power LF cone drivers and two Community CRE HF tweeter arrays in a two-way, single-amped setup, the ENT206 ensures quality sound reproduction.

All ENTASYS 200 variants come in standard black or white finishes, offering selectable low impedance or 70/100-volt operation. They include a robust pan-tilt mounting bracket and a safety eyebolt for secure installation. These paintable enclosures share a compact “teardrop” footprint measuring 4-5/8 inches wide by 7-1/2 inches deep.

For optimal performance, the Community ALC404D amplified loudspeaker controller is recommended for use with this product, although higher power ALC models can also be safely employed.

Certified for use with Zoom software


Colour Options

Black, White

Watts (Peak)

600 W


100-volt, 8 Ohms


2x 3-element Compact Ribbon Emulator (HF), 6x 3.15" long excursion mylar driver (LF)

Dimensions (W x H x D)

118 x 506 x 190 mm


Product Sheet

E-series 200 Brochure

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