Philips Smart TV

Philips Smart TV with Philips’ new Operating System – Experience a World of Entertainment

Depending on the model, in the latest 2023 range of TVs, Philips offers two different O/S (Operating system) to manage their TVs, either the newly built Philips OS or Google TV.

The new Philips OS is fast, informative and packed with features. Since Philips developed this new OS ground up, firmware updates are continuously being launched to further improve your TV interface, add more Apps to the Philips App Store and add new features !

At launch, we can already appreciate the fast response time and clear layout. Your favourite apps like Netflix, YouTube, Disney+ and Amazon Prime take the centre stage on the top shelf of apps. These apps can be moved, changed and updated to meet your specific requirements, making your favourite sources always readily available.

Subsequent shelves show your recommendations from Netflix, YouTube and other streaming services that you have installed and subscribed to.

Go App and Melita Nextgen App are in the pipeline to be included in the app store by Q4 2023.. and as more apps are developed and gain importance, Philips can add these to the App store as required.