Outdoor Speakers

Spring is here !

The weather is improving in Malta and its time to enjoy this weather with your family and friends in the comfort of your home.

This page guides you through our wide range of outdoor, all-weather speakers to fit most budgets. Whether you want great sound outdoors from like of Bowers & Wilkins to relax by the pool or budget friendly solutions from POLK Audio for your roof terrace, just take your pick !

Few brands are synonymous with impeccable sound quality like Bowers & Wilkins. The Bowers & Wilkins AM1 is the brands’ statement on how to make an all weather speaker sound great while looking elegant in any environment… even in the harsh outdoor environments of Malta.

When designing this speaker, Dr. John Dibb, Senior Development Engineer at B&W, focused on bringing B&W sound to the great outdoors. To achieve this, this team had to re-think the design. Instead of using the B&W patented Flowport design as found in its other Audiophile grade speakers which are meant for use indoors,  they patented a new technology – ABR (Auxiliary bass radiator). This passive radiator located at the rear of the unit allows the AM1 to remain sealed while changing the enclosure volume dynamically to optimise the Bass response.

The speakers’ rigid cabinets are composed of glass-filled plastics with a cast alimuminium single point bracket that allows for horizontal or vertical mounting. The grille is also made of Aluminium.

Defnitive Technology is one of the most highly respected HIFI brands in the US. These speakers also make use of a passive radiator called a racetrack Planar Low Bass Radiator. They might not have the distinguished looks of the B&W AM1 however, the sound quality is great !

The aircraft grade aluminium grille assures no corrosion on the black or paintable white finish speaker. The rugged Polystone enclosure and galvanised steel mounting brackets assure you that these speakers will continue to perform greatly for years to come in the harshest of environments.

Few people in the HIFI world have not heard or owned a pair of KEF Speakers ! The KEF Ventura range are also beautifully built. The sound quality is, as expected from a brand with KEF’S heritage, outstanding. These speaekers are comlpletely sealed, built to withstand any environment .. including our stunning Maltese beaches or on a boat.

These speakers have been salt spray tested for 1200 hours and independantly tested and certified as IP65 !

The range includes 3 sizes, four models. 4″, two 5″ models and a 6.5″ model. Choose the model that suits best your application. The second 5″ model .. the KEF VENTURA 5T is a real HIFI speaker meant for use on a 100v line system.. so if you are looking for a high quality speaker to add to your 100v line system in your establishment, this is the quality product you are looking for.

POLK Audio is a Speaker Company founded in 1972 in the US with a mission to craft high quality, great sounding speakers at a great price !

POLK are well known in Malta for their soundbars and hifi speakers, however, they also make these excellent outdoor speakers. They feature a compact design, making this range of loudspeakers ideal for installing in a tight space.

The engineers at POLK have deployed the patented Dynamic Balance technology thereby eliminating driver and tweeter distortion. The Speed Lock Mounting system makes it very easy to install these speakers.. simply install the bracket, click the speaker into place and tighten it down.

All the above mentioned speakers are meant to be wall mounted. This might not be the case when you might want to install speakers in a garden or in a planter closer to the deck area.

Polk Atrium sub100 and Polk sat300 are meant to provide exceptional POLK Sound even when addressing such situations. The sub100 may be installed out of sight on the ground, while the SAT 300 spikes can be staked in the soil or installed as pendants from an awning.