Outdoor Sound Systems

Time for some tunes while entertaining outdoors.

Spring in Malta is the time to really make the utmost of our outdoor space. We have the perfect weather, when it is not too cold or too hot to just relax with friends or family, outside. Whether your outdoor space is the backyard, your roof, the garden or the pool area, a good sound system is essential to create the right setting.

Outdoor sound does not have to break the bank, it does not necessarily mean that you will be bothering your neighbours either. This page aims at explaining why a good sound system is a much better investment for your home than putting a Bluetooth speaker on the garden furniture!

Let’s compare – Some Pros and Cons…

Bluetooth Speakers

Can be very economical It is either too loud or too low
Small and portable Battery runs out just when the party is getting started.
Everyone can connect and play their playlist Phone / Tablet needs to be within Bluetooth range.
Phone / Tablet battery is also being drained.
If the Phone is being used and you receive a phone call, the music stops or worse .. the call is answered on hands free !
Single source of sound.. sound cannot be distributed to cover the area.

Fixed Sound Installation

Great Sound from specially made products for outdoors. More costly than a Bluetooth speaker… but not by much.
Speakers are meant to be left outside, when the party is over, just switch off the music!
Sound is distributed through your area so it sounds great even at very low volume.
If the occasion calls for it, you can really crank up the volume and Dance.
Can be controlled by anyone you give access to your Wifi.
Does not drain any battery… no, neither your Phone.
The sound system can form part of a multiroom audio system.
If you are controlling your outdoor sound system using your phone and you receive a phone call, you can answer, the sound system works on WIFI not Bluetooth.
As long as you have access to your WiFi network, you can control the sound from anywhere.
The speakers look much better than any Bluetooth speaker since you can choose the speakers that fit with your décor !

I think that we made it very clear that the PROS of having a decent fixed install sound system heavily outweighs having just a Bluetooth speaker !

At ASTRAL we believe that the heart of a good sound system should always be a reliable, simple to use control platform. If the system is not easy to control, or somewhat unreliable, it completely defeats the purpose. We can only imagine how frustrating it can be when you are finishing off setting up the table to welcome your friends or family. You try to put on the sound system to create the perfect ambiance .. and it is not working !

We recommend to use a HEOS device to control your outdoor space. HEOS is a multiroom platform launched by DENON 10 years ago ! In these past 10 years, we have installed hundreds of HEOS devices across Malta and Gozo. The App can be downloaded for free from Google play store or IOS app store and is extremely intuitive and easy to use.

Outdoor spaces obviously come in all shapes and sizes and the beauty of customised installations is in fact that we have different solutions to address each and every requirement regardless of how small or large the space or the budget is.

This HEOS device can be the HEOS AMP; a simple, compact amplifier which is installed indoors and does not need to be anywhere visible… as long as it has Wifi Access. Another popular HEOS device used for small installations is the DENON RCD-N10. This is a small Micro system with built in CD Player, FM Tuner, USB etc..

The amplifier is wired to one or two pairs of speakers in your outdoor space.

Denon HEOS Amp

Denon RCDN-10


Outdoor speakers really come in all shapes and sizes. Some customers prefer outdoor speakers that are virtually invisible while others prefer outdoor speakers that, while not an eye sore, have the size and power to really bring life to the party !


Discrete Outdoor Speakers

The best way to hide your speakers, without sacrificing much in terms of sound quality would be to install Outdoor In-ceiling speakers in an awning.

If an awning is not available, a pair of small outdoor wall mounted speakers will deliver the background audio to your space without being too invasive on your décor.


Invisible Outdoor Speakers

Alternatively, if what you want is “invisible” speakers that blend completely in your outdoor space, a variety of solutions are available such as “rock” speakers or Bollard speakers. These are mostly meant for background music, however, Bang & Olufsen just introduced the Beosound Bollard which aims at bring the B&O signature sound to your outdoors.

Rock Speakers are speakers that literally look like a rock. These are placed in the garden area directly on your soil while delivering sweet unobtrusive background music.


Prominent foreground Outdoor Speakers

If you have a large space and love to entertain, small discrete speakers might not be enough to deliver the power and punch required to meet your partying requirements. The range of Outdoor Marine speakers from BIAMP have you covered. These speakers are still not too large or obtrusive, however, they do pack a punch. These would require a more substantial amplifier to deliver the power required. Our range of BIAMP ALC amplifiers are sure to deliver the required power to drive these speakers properly.


ASTRAL has been in the audio industry in Malta for more than 50 years, becoming the market leader in Home Audio and Home automation. Our team is always eager to listen, understand your requirements and to deliver the tailored made solution for your outdoor space.