META Technology

META Technology: The Next Generation of OLED TVs

Just when we thought that OLED Technology cannot get any better, here comes META technology ! Regardless of how transparent a sheet of glass is, it will always refract and reflect light. The physics behind it is due to the different optical density of glass when compared to air. We can see a transparent sheet of glass because of this. How does this effect our TV viewing experience ? While the OLED panel is producing impeccable picture quality with very high brightness, this is unfortunately diluted when passing through the glass due to natural reflection and refraction of light. But what if as many as 42.4 Billion micro lenses make up the sheet of glass ? The micro lenses (known as Micro Lens Array – MLA), while invisible to the naked eye, will propel light minimising reflection ( brighter image) and increasing drastically realism and viewing angle ! MLA panels are able to reflect more light from the OLED pixels towards the viewer, resulting in a brighter image without sacrificing colour accuracy or contrast. Philips is one of the first TV manufacturers to adopt META technology, and its new OLED+908 flagship TV is the first Philips TV to use an MLA panel. The OLED+908 reaches a peak brightness of 1300 nits, which is significantly higher than previous OLED TVs. Coupled with Philips P5 AI picture engine, Ambilight and the legendary Bowers & Wilkins sound system, the OLED908 OLED+ series, is a TV that stands out from the rest !