Campus Hub

Scope of installation

At Astral Enterprises, we are thrilled to showcase our expertise in audio solutions with our recent project at “Campus HUB.” Our client’s vision was to create a dynamic and versatile audio system for various areas within the Campus HUB, catering to a wide range of needs. We delivered a cutting-edge Biamp multizone audio system, designed to cover distinct zones including the Piazza, Car park, Multipurpose Rooms, and Entertainment area.

One of the standout features of this installation is the ability to have different volume levels and select different audio sources seamlessly throughout all areas, which can also be grouped for efficient public announcements, all conveniently controlled via a user-friendly web application.

For an enriched audio experience, we integrated HEOS online music source, ensuring a diverse range of music options. To meet the specific acoustic demands of each zone, we strategically placed 12 Biamp 6-inch wall mount weatherproof speakers for the Piazza area, 12 soffit speakers for the perimeter of the roofed Piazza area, and 10 garden spike speakers placed in planters and landscaping surrounding the Piazza and Entertainment area.

Our commitment to delivering a superior audio experience is further shown through the inclusion of an Optimal Audio Controller and an Optimal Audio Zone pad. To facilitate effective communication and announcements, we also integrated a high-quality paging microphone system.


Campus HUB” is now equipped with a sophisticated audio infrastructure that seamlessly adapts to its diverse needs, enhancing the ambiance and functionality of every area within.

Equipment used
  • Biamp
  • Denon HEOS