Betsson Signage and Audio systems


Scope of installation

This project covers level 0 and level 8 of Bettson’s head offices.

Level 8.  Atlona’s cutting edge OmniStream video over IP platform is the star product in this project. OmniStream offers seamless fast switching between sources, is fully scalable and in this case feeding a number of large format professional displays using architectural connectivity with wireless presentation facilities and an audio system with digital processing that allows automatic mixing and gain control. The Philips professional displays on this floor include a 98” a 75” and an 86”, 3 x 65” and 2 x 55”

Level 0. A video wall made up 6 x 32” professional displays, another OmniStream video over IP fully scalable signage system and a digital audio system with the same features as the one on level 8.

Both floors are covered by a control system

Equipment used
  • Philips professional displays.
  • Atlona. Architectural video connectivity.
  • Atlona. Touch panel control system.
  • Biamp. Digital sound processors.
  • Biamp Apart. Pro Audio amplification & speakers.