Android TV

Advanced Philips TVs with Android Integration

Philips TVs are renowned for their advanced features, impressive picture quality, and user-friendly interface. Most of the higher end TVs from Philips run on the Android operating system, which enables users to access a wide variety of apps and features on their TV.

As opposed to Philips’ main competitors by leveraging Android TV, users are not limited to the Apps available on the Philips platform limiting access to the standard Apps like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video or Disney+. Philips Android TV owners can access the Google Play Store and download any app from the vast selection available on the Google Play store.

Android TV has proven to be a great advantage to Philips TV owners in Malta since the Go and Melita Apps are readily available from the Google play Store. This allows users to watch Go / Melita in the same way as users enjoy Netflix.

All the features available from Go or Melita from their set-top box such as catch-up TV are all available from the respective apps. The difference is that Philips TV users do not need to install a set top box, ending up with two remote controls and unsightly cables running from the TV to the Go/Melita Box. Based on your viewing of Go/ Melita, the TV offers viewing recommendations on the home screen in a similar way as currently being suggested from other streaming services such as NETFLIX, AMAZON Prime Video, Disney+ etc..

Other Apps often downloaded include STBemu which act as an emulator to the “iptv box” many customers are used to plug into their TV to view specific IPTV streams.

To summarize, Philips TVs with Android provide an effortless and user-friendly way for users to access a wide range of apps and content directly on their TV. The seamless integration with popular TV services such as Melita and Go ensures that users can enjoy live TV, catch-up TV, and on-demand content, all while using a single remote control. Whether it’s streaming movies and TV shows, playing games, or watching live TV, Philips TVs with Android offer a fantastic and convenient experience for users.