The St. John by AX Group

AX The Saint John, a boutique hotel was once a former merchant’s residence and shop. It has now been elegantly converted to provide an intriguing and hospitable setting. The building has been revamped to showcase its architectural features. While the furnishings might still have an industrial feel, it still provides warmth and style with a strong focus on guest comfort. The natural light from the central courtyard makes the entrance welcoming. The property provides the latest technology for guests to enjoy the comfort and facilities needed and expected by the modern traveller. Come and experience a unique and trendsetting hospitality. #GetComfy, access luxury and have a total control of your space #AtYourFingertips.

Being another Boutique hotel in very close proximity to Rosselli, The St. John uses the same infrastructure as Rosselli, based on the Philips Mediasuite Range of TVs.