2020 – Philips “THE ONE”- What changed this year ?

What Changed with the NEW 2020 PERFORMANCE SERIES - THE ONE

When Philips created the Performance series last year, the idea was to design a product which would be the most reasonable choice on the market – decent, good quality product and which would not break one’s budget.

Philips recognises that while they are fixated on making the best TV out there, pushing the boundaries every year, having the whole team excited at every year’s unveiling the latest technology, most people don’t get that much excited about TVs, they just want a decent product which will satisfy their needs, serve long years and be reliable.

This is what Philips aimed for last year when making THE ONE, the PERFORMANCE SERIES, and it’s fair to say that they overachieved.

The market, the press, the reviewers and most of all, the consumers welcomed Philips’ initiative and we saw a sales spike with over 75% increase!

A truly remarkable number that indicates that Philips made the right decision.

Philips vowed to continue on this path to ensure that the course is maintained in 2020.

Trends and 2020 The One

8K is a buzzword of 2020, but Philips still believes that the absolute majority of consumers will settle for 4K this year.

Design, picture & sound quality along with user-friendly experience are always trends – regardless of the year we are in.

This is why our new Performance Series is an evolution of the already successful 2019 predecessor. Why change a winning team?

The Four Pillars

Below are the four pillars on which the Performance series (The One) relies, in other words, four reasons to believe why the Performance series is the most reasonable choice out there.


First of all, it’s an Ambilight TV which will make everything you watch better – period. Ambilight enhances your viewing experience by throwing a dynamic, colourful glow onto the wall behind the TV. It makes your TV appear bigger, it reduces eye strain, but first and foremost it makes everything more immersive – so the comedy you are watching will become more fun and the horror more thrilling. 8 out of 10 people who own Ambilight TV would like to have it in their next TV.

Ambilight - watching
Android dashboard - the one

Android 9.0

Secondly, it’s an Android TV which means that it comes with the largest catalogue of apps worldwide, available through Google Play store and functionalities like Chromecast built-in and Google Assistant built-in to make your life easier and more fun.

But really, how does having an Android TV help, isn’t Android another SMART TV ?
The answer is NO. – Tizen from Samsung, WEB OS from LG or Saphi from Philips are what are known as “CLOSED SYSTEMS” meaning that you can only download apps from a limited store made available by the manufacturer. With Android you can download any APP available on the Google Play store (just like an Android Phone or tablet). This means that you can do away with most set top boxes !
If you are making use of an android box to watch IP TV, you can download an App such as STBEMU and watch IP TV straight from your TV. If you are a GO subscriber in Malta, you may install the GO app and access the Go live TV straight from your TV!

This can ONLY be done on an ANDROID TV.

P5 Picture Processing Engine

Thirdly, a legendary & widely awarded P5 picture processing engine to deliver the best picture quality on the market with a sharp, crisp and colourful picture from any source. It can even upscale your SDR sources to the beautiful HDR quality.

Let’s face it : Haven’t we all been to the retailer, choose the TV with an immaculate picture quality, take the TV home to realise that the shop was showing you DEMO material with HDR which is meant to look great ! The P5 processor upscales any material to beautiful HDR quality .. come to our shop in Ta’ Xbiex and view this for yourself.. any material looks great !

Dolby Vision & Dolby Atmos

Finally, Dolby Vision & Dolby Atmos support for cinema viewing experience at home. Performance series TVs can decode and display Dolby Vision content which has been authored in such a way to deliver the image and sound as much as you would be viewing it at the cinema in as director intended approach. Whether it’s the latest streaming series or a Blu-Ray disc set, you’ll enjoy the contrast, brightness, and colour that reflect the director’s original intentions

The Performance series doesn’t stop there! On top of the main pillars, we have additional reasons to believe – consider them cherries on top of a cake – these are:

Real materials – Bezels and stands of Performance series TVs are made out of real metal! No plastic just cold, solid metal which looks good and will last for years.

Swivel stand in screens sizes up to 58” to easily rotate the set towards that sweet spot on the couch whether it stands in front of it or not.

Soundbar friendly design for easy placement of soundbar in front of the TV of any screen size. All Performance series TVs from the 2020 line up have the option to install them with distance of 7cm from bottom of the bezel to the surface on which the tv is standing. This is more than enough to place most of the soundbars in front of the TV without protruding the screen.

Metal detail

Whilst Philips are sticking to a successful concept, they have managed to improve on the performance. The New Performance series means also better picture quality due to more colour and more brightness as there is an  increase in backlight power from 350 to 400 nit and the colour gamut coverage from 75% to 90% of DCI-P3 colour space.

In short, more colours and brighter picture = better Picture Quality especially in HDR




So come over to our store or order online .. to make sure you recognise THE ONE, even the packaging looks exciting !



Quoting Steve Jobs :

“Packaging can be theatre, it can create a story”