New Home Cinema DEMO facilities

Time flies, our last Home Cinema demo room was installed over 10 years ago. Although we had kept the Cinema Demo facilities up to date with the latest technologies, including Dolby Atmos, we could only upgrade to a certain point without gutting a redoing the whole room.

Since we had to close most of our operation through COVID19, we decided to make the best use of our resources by rebuilding the Cinema Room from scratch, designing the room ground up to meet the Audio Visual and control systems now offered in 2020 !

3 Set-ups in one room

The design of the new Cinema Room was completely done in-house. We used Vcoustic Cinema round absorption panels to limit sound reflections and reverberations. Once the acoustics of the room were taken care of, the next challenge was to include a number of set-ups in the same listening room, each addressing a different type of customer, without having the showroom look and feel too cluttered or dis-organised.

"Have nothing in your houses
that you do not know to be
useful or believe to be
William Morris

After much thought we decided to build a Home Cinema system for the real Videophile.. while keeping the installation as discrete as possible. A second Home Cinema system meant to be great Value for money, and even better performance. The acoustics of this room where studied in great depth, so, we decided to use the same space to demonstrate our Stereo Set-ups with a pair of stunning Floor standing speakers.

We decided to opt for a Dolby Atmos 7.1.2 topology. This configuration entails the following speaker Set-up:

  1. Left and right speakers
  2. Center speaker
  3. Subwoofer
  4. Left and right surround speakers
  5. Left and right rear surround speakers
  6. Left and right top middle overhead speakers

This layout (as suggested by Dolby Labs) was adapted to the dimensions of our room by our designers…

acad layout adaptation

Front wall Elevation

Side walls Elevation

Rear Wall Elevation

We represent the finest speaker manufacturers in the world, so the choice of brands was not an easy one ! For the Full Fledge Fixed install, yet discrete, Home Cinema System, we were torn between KEF and Bowers & Wilkins. We recently made such and installation with Bowers & Wilkins and the results were spectacular, so we resolved to go for B&W.


3 X CWM7.4S2 (Front Left, Centre and Front Right)

4 X CWM7.5S2 (Left and Right Surround, Left and Right surround Speakers )

2 X CCM664 (In Ceiling overhead Speakers)

1 X ASW610 (Subwoofer)

These are driven by the latest Award winning AV Receivers from DENON or Marantz. The concept behind this installation is to show our customers that to achieve a great Home Cinema solution, we do not necessarily have to have large speakers encumbering the Cinema room. With some planning and forward planning, great results can be achieved using recessed speakers.

POLK Signature Series 5.1 Home Cinema System

We appreciate that not everyone has the possibility or budget to install a Dolby Atmos system, and a great 5.1 system will still allow you to enjoy a great Home Cinema experience. Keeping a budget in mind, we installed a system using the POLK Audio Signature series of Floor standing and Book shelf speakers.

SIGNATURE S50 Front Left and Right

s20 Rear Speakers

S35 Centre Speaker

HTSSUB10 Subwoofer

This system may be re-configured to any other system using speakers and electronics from any of our award winning, world re-known brands, to meet your taste in sound, interior design and budget.

Bowers & Wilkins Stereo System

Finally we also prepared a typical Stereo Setup demonstrating the highly acclaimed Bowers & Wilkins 603 S2 floor standing speakers. Just like the Polk Signature set-up, the stereo Demo Set-up may be changed to accommodate any Bookshelf or Floor standing Speakers from our range of KEF, Bowers & Wilkins, POLK or Definitive Technology speakers of your choice.

The amplifier here is currently the Marantz PM8006 together with the Marantz CD6006 CD Player.

Come over .. we look forward to impress !

Feel free to call by, drop us a line by email, or get in touch through messenger. Our experienced staff will be more than pleased to discuss your requirements and recommend the system to match your requirements. We can then set-up an appointment for you to audition the system of your choice in our New Demo Facility.