What is a 100V Line Audio System ?

What is a 100v Line Audio System ?

100 volt line systems are sometimes referred to as constant voltage systems. These public address sound systems are mostly used in commercial applications where a large number of speakers are required to cover large areas.

In Which Venues do we normally use 100V line Systems ?

These are mostly installed in shopping malls, places of worship, restaurants, hotels, warehouses, schools and retail outlets… anywhere where low background level music or speech is required to be distributed across a substantial space

Versatility is key

Ideal for low background level music, paging and when the system is so equipped, emergency fire and evacuation announcements.

A 100V line system allows sound to be distributed over large areas. The system gives complete control because volume controls can regulate sound levels in different zones within the same venue. This is ideal for example in hotels where the lobby needs to have a different sound level from the restaurants, bars and much lower volume level in small areas like the restrooms.

Unlike systems which use 8 ohms speakers and standard amplification, these systems are not affected by the length of speaker cable used to cover large areas.

The Downside

Compared to a normal low impedance system a 100V line system suffers from low frequency response (bass), but is more than adequate for its designated use as a paging and background level music system.

How does it work

The main difference from the normal low impedance (4 to 8 Ohms) systems is that these P.A. systems use transformers to convert the amplifiers output to a constant 100 volt. Each speaker in turn is fitted with another transformer to isolate the speaker impedance and convert the signal down to a standard speaker level.

Where do I start from ... how can I have such a system installed ?

In commercial audio, there is no such thing as “one size fits all”. There are many speakers available for such installations, in all shapes, sizes and features. We stock all sorts of speakers and electronics to cater for all the different requirements out there. However, our team of experienced and well trained project managers are ready to help you.

Bring over or email us a plan of the area on info@astral.com.mt (Ideally in ACAD format), and after a few questions to understand your requirements, we will recommend the ideal solution to suit your budget.